Nanometer Angel liquid diatom coating

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Nanometer Angel wall finishes are made using high quality natural materials and high purity untreated diatomaceous earth (the content of it up to 35%), therefore, it is able to absorb harmful substances ,purify indoor air ,adjust humidity etc. It’s also added nano-TiO2 to discomposes harmful gas quickly such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia etc .

It only use natural mineral pigments , therefore, they can avoid colour fading and color changes over time .

Nanometer Angel is a Special Effect Paint that allows you to turn ordinary walls into Extraordinary.


 2kg / 5kg / 10kg / L20204

Application Scope

 interior wall


 Brush, roller , compressed air spray

Theoretical Coverage

 6-7m² per kg per coat


 0-35℃ in cool and dry place

Applicable scope

 1. Eco-friendly , Odorless

 2. Moisture Adjustment

 3. Fire Retardant

 4. Anti Bacterial

 5. Mold Prevention

 6. Self-cleaning Action

 7. Longer lasting 

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